Welcome to Daughters of Deborah Leadership Ministry, LLC!

Welcome to Daughters of Deborah Leadership Ministry, LLC!
March 11, 2016 1 Comment About DOD Jbullitt
Hello, my name is Nettie Jorinda Bullitt.
I am a Life Coach who focuses on catalyzing radical self-discovery and dreaming. My philosophy for Daughters of Deborah Leadership Ministry is that
” God created women to be partners, teachers, mothers and custodians of His spirit for the articulation, and actualization of His plans for their lives, and the lives of all of the children that they give birth to and offer to the world. As women and girls, grounded in the Gospel of Jesus the Christ, together, we will step boldly into and stand straight up in our multifaceted positions(s) in the universe”.

The Daughters of Deborah Leadership Ministry is an organic process of discovery, dream, design, and destiny. I believes we all deserve and are capable of discovering our passion, pursuing our dreams, and making an impact on the world.
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    susan miller

    Love this!!!!! I can’t wait to learn more, and help spread the word!