Nettie Jorinda Bullitt became inspired by her own unexpected challenges and experience, and realized that she was indeed called to fill multifaceted positions geared toward helping other women. For over 15 years, she has supported individuals of all ages in helping them to discover who they are, what they want, and how they can accomplish what they want.

Her skill set and experience includes:

Fund raising/Grant Writing: Experience in writing proposals for funding of community based non- profit housing and managing the construction and occupancy processes. Organized local chapters of professional peer organizations.

Counseling: Counseling both as a real estate professional as well as all of the aspects of senior pastor of a congregation.

Conflict Resolution: Conflict resolution experience in team building and the dynamics of team processes involved in corporate management.

Clergy Experience: Ordained United Methodist Pastor, retired : 19 1/2 years as clergy and a candidate to be elected Bishop of The western Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church in 2000. Extensive experience in both urban and rural ministry.

Public Speaking: The obvious is preaching every Sunday, but also includes leadership of church conference ministries and a member of the conference leadership team under the direction of the resident bishop(s).

Business/Entrepreneur: Owned and operated Phoenix Real Estate, a full service company, in Pittsburgh, Pa. Won a HUD contract for management of their vacant properties in a certain area in the metropolitan Pittsburgh area.


MDiv Master of Divinity degree from Iliff School of Theology in Denver, CO.

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from Carlow University, Pittsburgh, PA.

A Bachelor or Arts in Biblical Studies from the Abundant Word Bible College.

Veterans: Active Duty Vietnam era veteran. Worked as a DVOR, Disabled Veteran Outreach Representative in Cleveland, OH. Worked as the Veteran rep for the state of Ohio employment office, in both the development

Youth Development: Responsible for the care and growth of church youth in their unique spiritual and social needs as related to their church and greater communities.

Team Work: All of the above examples of experience in delineated areas addresses the various kinds of team work I am familiar with.

Teaching/Tutoring: Teach and tutoring as both lay person and pastor both in community and church.

Non-Profit Management: Broker of Record for two community based non-profit organizations in Pittsburgh, PA. Church leadership in management [of church, as non-profit].

Recruitment: Recruitment of employees for own business and the recruitment of professional associates for membership organization, served as first president.

Communications: All of the above speaks to extensive communication skills.

Community Organization: Non-profit community based housing and empowerment objectives both in and out of the church. In Denver, Co, as pastor of an urban church developed a Friday night program for local children now 10 yrs

Leadership: Business entrepreneur, senior pastor, as stated above.

Today, she is a Life Coach with a counseling emphasis. She is known for catalyzing radical self-discovery and dreaming, while offering practical direction. Her philosophy for Daughters of Deborah Leadership Ministry is

” God created women to be partners, teachers, mothers and custodians of His spirit for the articulation, and actualization of His plans for their lives, and the lives of all of the children that they give birth to and offer to the world. As women and girls, grounded in the Gospel of Jesus the Christ, together, we will step boldly into and stand straight up in our multifaceted positions(s) in the universe”.

The Daughters of Deborah Leadership Ministry is an organic process of discovery, dream, design, and destiny. Nettie Jorinda believes we all deserve and are capable of discovering our passion, pursuing our dreams, and making an impact on the world.

As a professional speaker, Christine leads seminars and workshops to audiences around the country. She offers self directed workshops, webinars, daily devotionals, and leadership material. Annually Nettie Jorinda hosts a Spiritual Retreat.

This Spiritual Retreat is a true respite experience for women and girls engaged in ministry or projects,  that is designed to refresh and ultimately impact their  lives, the lives around which their ministry or projects are organized, and to enhance the quality of life for the people of the greater communities where they are situated and  committed to serve.

Nettie Jorinda grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She currently resides in New Kensington, Pennsylvania and loves spending time with her family and friends.